XBOX 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Joshua:I just got an xbox 1 and star wars battle front and plants vs zombies garden warfare 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so its gone awesooooooooooooooooooooommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmeeeeeeeeeee

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  1. Joshua and Shepherd,

    You’ve probably been wondering why I haven’t replied to your blog yet. I assure you it is for good reason. You see, right after we last spoke, I was recruited by kindly space aliens to aid them in their titanic struggle to rid their world of candy-eating mechanical dinosaurs.

    As I drove south on Interstate 95, my car was whooshed into their invisible space craft hovering over the river of humanity returning to their homes after a day at work.

    As you can imagine, I was shocked to find my car parked inside their space craft – not moving at all. When I stepped out of my car I was greeted by two foot tall fuzzy kitten people. They spoke English thankfully, though with an odd, purring lilt that took some getting used to. They explained that I must help them chase away a terrible band of mechanical dinosaurs that plagued their world.

    I asked if I could recruit two short but stout helpers in this dangerous quest, referring to you two brave souls of course, but the kitten aliens said that it was a school night – and that you had some type of gifted and talented test coming up which you had to go to bed early for. So, sadly for me, I was on my own. (Plus your Mom told the aliens no)

    We traveled 5 billion times the speed of light squared back to their world. On the trip, they explained to me the nuts and bolts of their dilemma.

    It is essentially this: The kitten aliens enjoy eating chocolate bunnies, gummi bears and candy rope – candy of all sorts in fact. These are the staples of their diet. For many thousands of years, they lived a peaceful, high tech existence, simply enjoying being fuzzy little cats and eating candy, and playing with balls of yarn – when one day the skies grew dark with the arrival of a band of mechanical dinosaurs low on fuel and short on patience.

    The leader of the dinosaurs landed in pile of freshly made gummy worms that were being prepared for an alien birthday party. He gobbled up the worms, and felt an immediate surge of energy (everyone knows gummy worms are good for you).

    Upon realizing the candy would give them energy, the dinosaurs were on a candy eating crusade. They ate Mars bars, they ate candy apples, they ate fruit roll ups, they ate bite sized and full sized Snickers, they chomped jaw breakers like they were Chiclets, they even at entire boxes of the the little sprinkles you put on cupcakes.

    Whatever these fiends could lay their oily, lizardly, mechanical paws on – they gobbled it. Without even saying thank you, leaving nothing behind for the kitten aliens.

    This is where I come in, but this story is long, and scary, and this is a school night for me, so I must add to it later….

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