Shepherd: Wow its already what tuesday and I haven’t put a post up in a while. If you’re wondering why its because we’re back in school but its a short week so we’re good. But its still  the middle of the week. Ok so today I take the test for level 3 Gifted and talented and I went to bed at 8:30 instead of 9:00 but lets hope I pass the test yay ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! BBBBBYYYYYEEEEE! ! ! ! !

Awesome day!

Joshua: I just got back from an hour and a half at the swimming pool, and I just got boba feet in the mail today!I also I watched the new teen titans go episode and it was awesome robin is a leprechan  and it`s awesome a to the o to the m AWSOME!


Shepherd: Ok so there are a lot of reasons why I am Happy! First, its ST. Patricks Day! Then, my brothers home from my grandmothers house! We got a new monitor! Its Spring Break! iTunes finally started to work! But the best thing is that the new St. Patricks Day Teen Titans episode is showing in Whoa 15 minutes!But Bye!


Hi Im Joshua Shepherds brother and Shepherd is the guy who has been writing all the Blogs for the past three days. Joshua: when I was at my grandfathers house I got wizards in Clash of Clans, and I had two days of art camp, and it was really really fun, and I am very very very very very happy to be home.

Books,Books,and more Books.

I just read a book about physics and found out that fire is a gas and that people measure how many calories are in an item by compressing it. Also I figured out that if you send an electrical current through a dead animal it will twitch and even spark in some situations! Isn’t that amazing!


Finally my brother is coming home from my grandmothers house! I love him so much I could just squeeze his cheeks like a grandmother would do. But anyways I just woke up from a good night sleep and feel amazing. Talk to you again when my brother gets home.

2nd Day

Hello! everyone Today is the second day of my families blog. Sadly we had some technical dificulties yesterday so the site didn’t really work but we have fixed it,  and we all hope you’re having a great time.Bye!

Back Home

Ok it is still March 16 but I just got home from a great Cici’s Pizza Lunch and 2 hours of High Sky Sports. I mostly played dogeball and almost every time I played I got two of the High schoolers! Yeah you heard me right two And I was just trying to be a distraction!?! Isn’t that crazy? Well Bye!


Today is the day people! We finally got the blog up and I’m sooooo happeeeeeeee!

Please comment (but nothing too spikey) and let me know how YOU are doing.

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