Awesome day!

Joshua: I just got back from an hour and a half at the swimming pool, and I just got boba feet in the mail today!I also I watched the new teen titans go episode and it was awesome robin is a leprechan  and it`s awesome a to the o to the m AWSOME!

3 thoughts on “Awesome day!”

  1. I am working on a special printer to print hundred dollar bills similar or even better grade than the ones Mr. Obama prints on his machine in the basement of the white house.If everything works ok I will be able to go back to Sicily and buy the whole island and bring it to the gulf of Mexico and we all can be all together happy like in the hold days and speak fluent Sicilian.

    1. Grandfather:
      This is Shepherd First off it’s illegal to print money but I like you’re style,. and how do you float an island across the ocean without it weathering away?

      1. Shepherd,it is easy to float an island.Just inflate it with HHHOTTT air like the one I am using it .HOT,HOT,HOT air coming from the biggest volcano in Sicily,monte ETNA.
        That how I will do it,ciao !

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